Hi there! Thanks for visiting my site.

I am a front-end/JavaScript engineer and multidisciplinary creative.

I enjoy making in a range of materials and for a range of media. My bread and butter is high-quality front-ends and data visualisation.

I believe products should be designed to be in harmony with their users’ cognition, emotions and environment.

My principle art, design and technology heroes are Marcel Duchamp, Richard Hamilton, Bill Lear, Buckminster Fuller, Mike Bostock and Douglass Crockford.

I started my career as a journalist and have previously worked as a Producer for Associated Press Television News. I have produced and presented radio, written scripts for documentaries and web video, and have written for print and online.

My background in journalism helps me focus on what products communicate to the user.

I have an MA, where I earned a Distinction for research remixing documentary journalism with the interactive possibilities of mobile devices.

You can contact me via email at stefan.christou@gmail.com.

I live in east London.

My cat is called Michael.