Sexy? I'm hungry Green It is what it eats

The reBin is a recycled recycling bin. It is an exercise in design poetics. Like all design could be.

Making can be a therapeutic process. This idea was emphasised well by David Gauntlett in his book, Making is Connecting.

On the day I designed this bin I was feeling a little like trash, and I happened to have a nice crisp sheet of cardboard courtesy of some furniture packaging. So like the poet I want to be, I put my heart into a recycling bin made of recycled cardboard that I had up-cycled from packaging.

Out came the callipers, on went SolidWorks. Eight hours later my design was ready for the laser cutter. Thanks to Dassault Systems and to Ravensbourne for the opportunity to up-cycle some recycled paper into a paper recycling bin.

Laser cut from recycled cardboard, the bin assembles without folds or glue. And it looks good, with crisp lasered lines and neat interlocking parts. It lasted about a year and a half. It's time to cut a new one.